I guess I can say SUMMER VACATION is pretty much over!!!!!!! Some kids have already started classes, and teachers are back in the classroom.

Hopefully everyone had a great summer break either if it was traveling with the kids, or just simply staying home and relaxing.

My little one goes to daycare(school) everyday Monday thru Friday 7am-5pm yes I know he is there all day, but his momma and daddy need to work. I personally don’t think daycare is bad thing, a lot of them now have a lesson plan setup  every day for the kids.

Kevin is 2 and will be turning 3 years old in November !!

He already has down his ..

  • Number’s 1-10
  • Days of the week
  • ABC’s
  • Months of the year
  • Colors
  • Senses
  • Matching & Sorting

You name it he probably already knows it!

He basically is preschool ready which to me is an awesome thing.

He still has things he needs to improve on, but one more year in daycare and he will be good to go.

Singing songs that have movement  seem to help a lot.

He learned the months of the year by doing the famous Macarena dance !! Try it out with your kids

Reward Charts are going to be a  new thing with Kevin.


Stickers are the most coolest thing to him even if he just sticks them all over the place. Hopefully earning a sticker will encourage him to do the task  =) Let’s cross our fingers on this one !!!!!

Pinterest happens to be the best place to look for toddler learning styles & charts!

Let me know what you find.

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Toddler Preschool


 TODDLER PRESCHOOL is what I like to call it !! Just hearing the word preschool you know your little one is growing up too fast. This is a great thing to do if your a stay at home mom or you just want to start a new activity with your kids. I’ve been doing this for  a while with my child just to get him on a roll of wanting to learn. I absolutely love going to my local Dollar Tree to purchase activity sheets or children’s books. The workbooks I get my 2 year old are the ones for pre-k thru kinder they are simple cutting and pasting to match up objects or just dealing with the basic numbers and the alphabet. You can also look online and  find some great sample sheets you can print out for free.

For week one:

You can start off with one color, this color you will use all week with your lesson. At the same time you can incorporate different objects that go with this color. Just doing something simple like this for at least 20 minutes a day can help your little ones mind expand. They’re learning about a color, different objects that go with that color, and as well new words. Right now their minds are sponges so them hearing those new words will stick with them.

Once your little one gets use to the idea of doing this you can easily take to the next level and add more to the activity.

Of course their are different ways to teach not just with worksheets and books. Another thing my son loves to do are flash cards, again I buy these at my local Dollar Tree.


In the end its whatever your child feels more comfortable doing in the learning process all our kids are different .Some love to sit and have a lesson, others love flash cards, and there are ones that love to learn by using their tablets. I will admit my child sometimes does this, which to me is perfectly fine now and days everything  has to deal with technology.

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