Potty Training

By: Melissa Honsberger Mom Squad Member

By: Melissa Honsberger
Mom Squad Member

When my 2 year old started recognizing she was wet and uncomfortable in her diaper, I thought to myself Hallelujah!! She is ready to start potty training. I started fantasizing about never having to change a diaper ever again. We ran out pronto to buy her the pinkest, sparkling, noisiest potty we could find. We rushed home to set it up, sat her on it and within three seconds she said “All done” and wanted nothing to do with it. I wasn’t going to let that stop my dreams of being diaper free. Every day I sat with her while she sat on her potty. I read her books, I sang her songs, and she played the IPad. After countless times of sitting there for what seemed like forever she never went and five minutes after getting her diaper put back on she would go. I felt so defeated. So I looked up ways to get her interested in her potty. All these sites had the most outrageous tips and tricks to accomplish potty training and I thought to myself who has the time to do all this…Not me that’s for sure. One of the tips said to just put your foot down and take them off diapers cold turkey, so I did. I bought Gerber Training Underwear that had an extra thick layer for absorption, those failed miserably. My daughter would just pee in them, peel them off and throw them on the floor. I thought what can I do to entice her? I thought about a prize every time she went but that would get pricey. So I thought why not just a simple treat. So I went to HEB and bought a $3.00 plastic jar and a huge bag of M&Ms. I told my daughter you get 3 M&Ms for number 1 and 5 M&Ms for number 2. Low and behold she ran to her potty shimmied her Pull Up off and peed in her potty! and after said “Mommy I want my M&Ms”. The jar has slowly dwindled down and she rarely asks for them anymore but always uses the potty. Moral of the story is this whole potty training thing doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, or laying plastic tarps all over your home, or scrubbing pee out of the couches and rugs. All it took was jar of colorful goodness.

Melissa Honsberger

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