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By: Lisa Lopez Mom Squad Member

By: Lisa Lopez
Mom Squad Member


We went to meet the director of the Montessori Academy in Harlingen last week. Her name is Angela (“Ms. Angela”) and she has been with the academy for 26 years. That’s quite a long time. It comes as no surprise that she knows a lot about kids and how to raise them correctly.

For instance, she advised me that we probably shouldn’t be feeding Lola that yummy vanilla-flavored toddler formula at night when she wakes up. She said that milk can sit in the baby’s mouth and eventually cause tooth decay. What? She also said when they lay down and drink, the milk can get stuck in the ear canal and cause ear infections. Ack! I had no idea. It will be hard to switch her midnight snack to just plain water, but we will be making the switch soon.

She also told me some things that were a bit hard to hear but that I needed to hear. She said the best parents are the ones who take care of themselves. Because if you are falling apart, how can you give to your baby? I know my needs have fallen into last place, and that I need to take better care of myself. I feel guilty and selfish getting my hair done, but I know I need a little “me” time sometimes. It is just hard for me to leave Lola in anyone’s care for too long.
Ms. Angela also said mommies and daddies need their time away from baby to work on their relationship. She said that you are only given your children for a short time, but your spouse is forever. She has seen all too often parents getting divorced in their 60s, after the kids have grown up and left the nest. This, too, was tough to hear but needed to be said. My husband and I have issues (who doesn’t?) but they haven’t been addressed because we are too busy trying to pay bills and take care of Lola. Ms. Angela made me see all the parts to a family, and that each part needs to be nurtured if the family is to thrive.

Lisa Lopez


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