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By: Lisa Lopez Mom Squad Member

By: Lisa Lopez
Mom Squad Member


For Mother’s Day weekend, we are flying from Harlingen to Austin. It will be Lola’s first flight. She will be a few days shy of her first birthday. I have been stressed out ever since we decided to go on this trip. What can we take on the plane? What can’t we take on the plane? What about her car seat, stroller, etc.? And of course, my biggest fear: How will she do on the plane? Will her ears pop? I hope we don’t annoy the other passengers with a crying, inconsolable baby.

I called Southwest Airlines and got a lot of my questions answered. Children younger than 2 years old do not require a ticket and can sit on your lap. But you still must add them to your reservation. Plus, you need to go to the ticket counter before the flight and show your child’s birth certificate or immunization record so the representative can verify the child’s age and identification.

We feed Lola the pre made Toddler Transitions milk that comes in cardboard containers. We can take a couple of them to last for the duration of the flight, but the rest must be stored in our checked luggage. We can also bring water and any prepackaged liquid food. We don’t have to put them in a plastic bag, but we do need to have them ready to pull out from the top of the diaper bag if need be.

We can bring a car seat and stroller, and check them at the gate. We have opted not to take a car seat. Most rental car companies will add on $10-15 to the daily rate if you need a car seat. We’re still on the fence about taking a stroller; she is on the verge of walking so she may be walking by then, but even then, she may get tired and the stroller will come in handy.

As for her ears popping, I have been told that giving your baby a bottle at takeoff will help alleviate that problem. Other advice I have been given is to bring a new toy to pique her interest. Our flights are direct from Harlingen to Austin and back, so they should take about an hour each way. I hope she does okay. I don’t want to be “that parent” that everyone on board dislikes because they have a screaming child. Fingers crossed!

Lisa Lopez


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