Hanging up the Tiara

By: Lisa Lopez Mom Squad Member

By: Lisa Lopez
Mom Squad Member

As promised, I told you I would let you know how Lola did at the Miss RGV Cinderella pageant on Sunday. It started out great – all the other little girl contestants fell in love with her and were holding and touching her before the pageant started.

But as I feared, the pageant itself did not go that well as it occurred right when Lola should have been napping. For the first round, she wore her western wear, even the boots she hates, and did her best. However, when we got in front of the judges at the center of the stage, she let out a huge yawn. Oops. She waved to the judges after that but they were looking down at their papers, making notes, and didn’t see her.

I checked the schedule, and it seemed like we had time to change into fashion wear. But they didn’t go by the schedule. I heard, “Contestant number two, Lola.” Lola had on her tank top and diaper but nothing else! I quickly pulled on her skirt, lace leggings, and necklace. No time for her sandals or cardigan sweater. Plus, she had spit up apple juice on her white tank. *Sigh.* We made it to the stage but were in shambles.

I didn’t want a repeat of fashion wear, so I got her dressed quickly for her evening wear competition. However, she is in between shoe sizes. I didn’t want her to wear the big shoes for fear they would fall off, so I had to cram her cute little feet in the shoes that were too small.

She only competed against one other baby. But that “baby” had a full set of teeth, walked alone, clapped and waved, and stomped her boots. That kid was well rehearsed and made Lola look bad for not being able to walk without my help. We knew there had to be a big age gap between the two, but they were lumped together in the same category. Lola ended up as first runner up, but she also got a People’s Choice trophy and Most Photogenic trophy.

It was a tough day. Lola was tired and cranky, and I gave her apple juice backstage to try to calm her down. She loves apple juice so much, but doesn’t get it very often anymore, so she chugged it. We were on our way home and she vomited all over herself. I think the apple juice was to blame.

I felt badly for pushing her to do this pageant. She tried to do what I asked of her, but it was too much. I decided then that I would stop entering her in pageants. We have prepaid for a state competition in Houston in May but I am trying to cancel. It is too long of a drive and too much to expect her to do when she is teething, not walking, and just trying to be a baby. I feel like a bad mommy, but I am trying to fix that. She is so special and sweet, always trying to please me and her daddy. She deserves a break and the chance to grow into a little lady on her own timetable and terms.

Lisa Lopez


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