By: Melissa Hosenberger Mom Squad Member

By: Melissa Hosenberger
Mom Squad Member

So I came across a product that I found pretty cool. It’s called the Filip. It is a wrist watch for kids that double as a GPS/Mobile device.  They come in four neon colors and two sizes and are shaped kind of like a fitted bangle. The purpose of this watch is what all parents want, piece of mind and safety for your child. The Filip’s features are actually pretty awesome. The Filip acts as a mobile device, an emergency beacon and a GPS system. It holds up to 5 contacts and can also receive short text messages but cannot reply to them. So if you call your kid they basically just talk into the watch like a cool secret agent, which all the kids will love. The Filip’s GPS tracks your child using GSM cell phone towers as well as Wi-Fi Hotspots to give the most accurate indoor and outdoor locations possible .When the Filip’s emergency button is activated, it automatically sends out your child’s location, starts calling all of the contacts programmed into the device until someone answers. The whole watch is controlled by the parent through an app used on their smart phone.  I find this product really useful because nowadays we give our kids cell phones for the main purpose of being able to contact them or them contact us in case of an emergency. In a lot of cases I feel these kids are too young to really need all of the functions of a cell phone so instead why not give this Go Go Gadget watch. I myself can see me buying this for my son who is about to turn 7. He’s too young for a cell phone but at least a product like this can give me piece of mind if he is at a friend’s or if at school and there is an emergency. They are in a price range of about $200$which I think it is a fair price. You can view and purchase these cool gadgets at their website at

Melissa Hosenberger

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