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By: Melissa Honsberger Mom Squad Member

By: Melissa Honsberger
Mom Squad Member

Being a mom of two can be a handful on weekends. I get bombarded with “Mom I’m bored can we go to the movies” or “Mom I want pizza can we go play at Chuck E Cheese” and if you moms and dads are like me, you don’t always want to surround yourself with an extra 75 screaming kids at the local pizzeria, not to mention the 50 to 75 dollars it takes to entertain the idea. So instead, for days just like the above reference, I have always tried to find new, exciting and not to mention frugal ways to take my children for a special treat. One of those special treats is the free children’s workshop that The Home Depot offers. These workshops are extremely hands on for the kids and help to get them involved with other kids to construct and assemble and burn lots of energy building their projects. The projects change for every workshop, some being in reference to a new movie coming out that all the kids are begging us to see, in example they are offering a Rio 2 themed workshop on Saturday April 5th at 9:00am, in this workshop the children will be making a bird feeder/ bird bath. I have personally found that these workshops are so much fun for my kids, being able to work with tools, and glue and paint to make something that they can take home and use and knowing they made it themselves is so exciting for them and the fact that these workshops are 100% FREE is extremely exciting for us parents!! Another FRUGAL crafts spot for the kids is at Lake Shore Learning. They offer craft days every Saturday from 11:00am to 3:00pm. These workshops are 100% FREE as well! These workshops are great ways to get the kids out and to burn that energy and instead of bringing home a tummy ache from pizza and candy they bring home a token of their hard work. As well as boosting our kid’s creative skills, these workshops have mercy on our bank accounts.


Melissa Honsberger


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