So Many Things to Do, So Little ……

By: Oneida Saenz

By: Oneida Saenz

 So Many Things to Do, So Little Time to Do Them:

Every morning a mom with a fulltime job and never-ending house chores, feels energized and ready for the new tasks … uh huh… yeah right. Most of the times, a night of rest doesn’t mean our batteries are fully charged again. Even if we have to drag ourselves out of bed, and get ready for another stressful day, with God’s help we do it. We are strong,  and give everything for our kids and families.

As moms our job never ends, because after getting home from work, we have our real jobs as moms. We have a lot of chores to do, in so little time. Today I have some tips to help us with that..


When everything is piled in the cabinets, and you really don’t know what you have in there, it’s time to think of separating good from bad. Throw away or recycle things like old cups, plates or containers that have no lids or whatever is taking up space. PREPARING LUNCH OR DINNER AFTER A STRESSFUL DAY WILL BE EASIER TO DO WITHOUT AN AVALANCHE OF RANDOM CONTAINERS FALLING EVERY TIME YOU WANT A UTENSIL.

  2nd TIP :

When no dishwasher available at home, having one bowl, and a spoon in the sink, doesn’t mean they won’t contribute to the big mountain. Even if it’s just a cup, wash it, as soon as you can, and avoid the dirty dish monster to grow in the sink, tackle it before it piles, like the paperwork in the office.



When kids get home from school, or even mommy or daddy from work, first thing we do is free our hands of coats, purses, or backpacks. Everything for some reason ends up in the sofa, and everything looks messy. A way to help with this, is putting a bin in the living room that can be transported easily to clear the mess in an instant if someone decides to visit you without calling ahead of time….

  There are many things we can do to organize our chores and time, but these are just some that have personally helped me and my family. I hope all you mommies enjoyed them and can be helpful for you too.




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