Pageant Panic

By: Lisa Lopez Mom Squad Member

By: Lisa Lopez
Mom Squad Member

This Sunday is the Rio Grande Valley Cinderella 2014 pageant in San Juan. It will be Lola’s fourth pageant. I was never in pageants when I was younger. I am not sure what caused me to start enrolling her in them. Every mom thinks their daughter is beautiful or son is handsome. But to me, she has a unique look, with her light-colored hair and green eyes. Her dad and I have brown eyes. My husband’s mother, however, is Australian with blue eyes, so Lola must have gotten some of her genes.

This pageant has three contests: beauty, western theme, and fashion wear. For beauty wear, we have a dress that actually looks Cinderella-y because it is light blue. For western, I ordered an outfit from an eBay seller, and she just shipped it yesterday. Yeah, I am kinda freaking out that I don’t have it yet. (I bought a dress from another eBay seller for a previous pageant and it arrived several days late. I had to run to Marshall’s to buy a $7 replacement. Somehow, Lola won that pageant!) For fashion wear, it can be anything you see in a magazine or runway. I am trying to have fun putting this outfit together, but Lola is in between sizes right now, so it is proving to be a challenge. I am still finalizing the look, but it includes clear jelly sandals and moxie peach lace leggings. If it were an 80s theme, we would nail it! 🙂

I hope she does well at this pageant, and I don’t mean for her to win. That’s always nice. I mean I just want her to behave! The older she gets, the more stubborn she is. In her last pageant, she decided she wanted to crawl up the stairs to the stage instead of walking up them with me. When I picked her up (because proper ladies don’t crawl in long dresses), she was not happy. This pageant occurs during her regular nap time (whee!). I’ll let you know how she does in my next blog.

Before I go, I want to let you know of a couple of Easter-related events in Harlingen. As posted on our Explore Harlingen page, Bass Pro Shops has activities from April 12-20. They will have photos with the Easter Bunny, free crafts for the kids, and egg hunts. Also, I just found out that Valle Vista Mall is having a Kidgits Tea Party with the Easter Bunny that we are attending this Saturday, April 12, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. They ask for the kids to dress in their Sunday best.


Lisa Lopez

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World Down Syndrome Day

By: Etta V. Rivera Mom Squad Member

By: Etta V. Rivera
Mom Squad Member

We celebrate our loved ones who have Down Syndrome, along with everyone else who share this super power! Our special someone is my Brother-in-Law. His name is Joshua, 12 years old and is so full of smiles, love, laughter and life! There is this wonderful group here in the Valley called “Rio Grande Valley Down Syndrome Association”. They put together this wonderful event for us.The 3rd Annual World Down Syndrome Day Event, where we celebrated by a balloon release at 6:30 pm. Watching all the blue and yellow balloons leave the hands of all those every special kids was a wonderful moment. Everyone was smiling and laughing…they were all so excited to see the balloons fly up into the sky!! After that was pictures, some yummy hot dogs, chicken, nachos and playing on the playground at the West side Park in McAllen. To be able to see Joshua running around, taking pictures with all his friends and having so much fun was amazing! It is so nice to see everyone get together to celebrate such truly amazing superheros!The Rio Grande Valley Down Syndrome Association has a group on Facebook where you can find all type of events around the Valley, updates, support and so much more. I just want to say Thank you to RGVDSA!! It was a GREAT event and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


Etta Rivera

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Tag and Sell your Kiddos Clothes


By: Etta V. Rivera Mom Squad Member

By: Etta V. Rivera
Mom Squad Member

The first day of Spring…. Started off like any other day. Waking up late to the alarm, getting the kids to school. Making my way back home with my youngest son to a list of chores to do today.  When I was a kid, the first day of Spring meant I was that much closer to getting to color , hunt and brake open that Easter Basket! Now as a Mother to 3 very active children, The first day of Spring means; planning to buy their Easter baskets soon…before they sell out of them at the stores and start SPRING CLEANING. We Mothers all do it, putting if off till the very last minute, not wanting to get rid of their baby clothes just yet. Also wanting to get the best price for their clothes. I have recently found out about “Just Between Friends” an event that will be taking place in April. Just Between Friends is a two day event where you can sell your gently used children or maternity clothes or products. They except top name brand items and there is a $12 fee for selling (which is worth it if you have a lot of good clothes or toys). I have signed up to sell and shop at this event. You can get into this event for free with a guest pass. I have just started getting all the clothes together that I be selling at Just Between Friends. My next step is to tag all the clothes and products I have. I really can’t wait for this event and I will be keeping ya’ll updated on how the tagging and proper drop off goes. I can’t wait for this event to happen…not only to make some extra cash but to see what i can find for my kids. Cause we all know they grow so fast! So just a reminder ladies and men don’t wait the last minute to clean out those closets.

just between friends feb 2014 (2)


Etta V. Rivera

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Halloween Safety Guide

Halloween Safety Guide
It’s just about that time of year! With this super sweet holiday, be sure to make it a safe one as well. With help from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), I have created this safety guide for parents to ensure this Halloween is surely a treat!

When it comes to costumes:
• Steer children in the direction of bright fabrics, even better ones that are reflective
*** Add reflective tape to costume and trick or treat bags
• Make sure shoes fit comfortably and costume is of appropriate length to prevent any nasty falls
• Suggest hats or non toxic face paint instead of masks as a safer alternative
• Avoid swords or costumes with violent props
***A child can be easily injured if he trips/ falls
• Do not wear decorative contact lenses. As creepy and fun these might be, these lenses are not prescribed by a professional, cause serious damage and are in fact illegal.

When it comes to pumpkins:
• Young children should be encouraged to paint their pumpkin, not carve for obvious reasons
• For carved pumpkins, use flashlights for the safest lighting option. If candles are insisted, votive candles are safest.
• Candle lit pumpkins should never be left unattended
• Place lit pumpkins someone sturdy and far away from flammable objects (ex. Curtains)

When it comes to your home:
• Double check outdoor lights for visitors/ replace burnt bulbs
• Safety proof your outdoors for trick or treaters. Remove anything children could potentially trip over (ex. Flower pots, garden hose)
• Sweep wet leaves on pathway and steps, maybe even snow!
• Restrict pets from contact with visitors due to excitement (jumping, biting) or allergies

When it comes to trick or treating:

• Children should always be with a responsible adult, even just around the neighborhood
• Only knock on doors with lights on, that is the universal sign for “guests are welcome”
• Carry a cell phone (parents)
• Use sidewalks and stay on well lit streets
• For safety reasons, do not cut across yards
• Always use crosswalks and look both ways before crossing
• All children and adults should carry a flashlight
• Be sure your child is familiar with 9-1-1 in case of emergency

When it comes to health:
• Before children go wild, an adult should examine all treats throwing away all expired or treats that have been tampered with
• Candy is not the only treat, consider investing in fun Halloween coloring books/ pencils / nick nacks
• Ration candy and other treats to avoid belly aches and further health concerns

Stay safe and enjoy your Halloween!
Stephanie Falcone

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Circo Hermanos Vasquez!!

The  Circo Hermanos Vasquez are back in the Rio Grande Valley !!!!! RGV Kids and RGV Parents for a limited time get a FREE Child’s Ticket with purchase of an adult ticket. Free ticket are valid for kids 10yrs and younger!!! The Circus will be in Donna, TX from Feb 3- March 5! Don’t miss out and see this great event! For more info call 877-829-7839

Make sure to print the coupon below to redeem you FREE child’s ticket!!!

Circo Hermanos Vasquez


Monday- Thursday: 7:30pm

Friday- Saturday: 6pm and 9pm

Sunday: 2pm, 5pm and 8pm



700 Vasquez Ln

Donna, TX


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