How to Teach Your Child About Financial Responsibility

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Teaching your children about financial responsibility at a young age can help instill values and knowledge that will last them a lifetime, and it’s a great way to prepare them for the real world. Even if your children are old enough to have learned about how money works, school will likely not teach them about how to save, how to spend wisely, or why a budget is so important. These are skills you can develop in your children with some hands-on teaching.

Think about what you want to teach your children, and make the lessons fun. For instance, you might encourage your children to set up a lemonade stand with a friend, or buy a piggy bank with a built-in money counter that will help them keep track of their savings.

Here are a few of the best tips on how to teach your child to be financially responsible.

Be consistent

Teaching young people about the importance of being responsible with money is difficult if you aren’t consistent with things such as giving allowance for chores. Some parents don’t believe in paying children to help out around the house, while others feel it’s a great way to help them learn about earning and saving. If you do decide to let your children earn an allowance, stick with it for a while to help them learn the right way to handle their finances.

Work from home

If your schedule will allow it, consider getting a part-time job from home so you can share everything about your job with your children. A great example is working for a dog-walking company, which would allow you to make some extra cash while you teach your children about the importance of being responsible, how to budget both money and time for the week, and what to do with the money you earn. Just be careful not to let your children take over the dog-walking duties; this is about what you can teach them.

Use gifts as teachable moments

Many kids receive cash for birthdays and holidays, so it’s a good idea to show them how to take a portion of it to put away in savings. It might even be the right time to open up a bank account just for your children so you can help them start saving. For older kids, you can strike a deal to match dollar for dollar what they put in up to a certain amount, as long as they keep their grades up and agree to some rules about withdrawals.

Teach your child to shop smart

Teach your children how to shop without overspending by talking about what they want to buy, creating a budget, and comparison shopping online before going to the store to make sure you get the best deal. By showing your kids how to be smart about their spending, they’ll learn that impulse buying can be hard on a budget.

Talk about “needs” and “wants”

It’s important for your kids to learn the difference between what they need and what they want, so include a lesson on the basic human needs and why they are so important. Emphasize that clothing, shelter, food and water, sleep, and family are the most important things in a person’s life, while toys and video games are merely for entertainment.

Talking to young people about money can be a big responsibility, and it’s often difficult for parents to know where to begin. Start off slow and easy and use as many real-life situations as you can to show your children how to be savvy financial planners so they’ll retain these lessons for a lifetime.


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Holiday Party Planning Made Easy!

Holiday Party Planning Made Easy: Tips for Doing it Right


Are you worried about planning that perfect holiday get together? Relax!

We’ve got the steps for you to follow to make it easy and fun. Here’s how:


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Additional Holiday Party Prepping Resources:

  1. Cleaning tips for a party-ready house
  2. Party planning checklist
  3. How to prep your home for festive entertaining
  4. 10 stress-free holiday party decorating tips
  5. 10 holiday party mistakes to avoid

Now that you know how to get started, you can enjoy the process. Make those lists, light some candles, and start thinking about your menu. You’ve got this!


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Grace Heritage Ranch

Autumn Adventure:

October – November   (2017 will be Oct 21 – Nov 25)

Saturdays: 10:00 am – sunset

Sundays: Noon – sunset

Weekdays: Reserved for school field trips and private groups of 25 or more

READY, SET, COME PLAY! Bring the whole family out to Grace Heritage Ranch in the autumn to enjoy all the fun fall activities. Started in 2016, we add more fun and games each year. Climb a hay bale pyramid, hit the target at the Apple Slingshot, challenge someone to a sack race, take a hay ride, hang out in the pumpkin patch, and more! And, don’t forget to stroll the ¼ mile walking path to feed and visit with our animals along the way. Let your Adventure Begin!!!DSC_1221-cc-300x199

  • Come meet Harley, Henry, and Heidi – our Vietnamese potbellied pigs!
  • Adorable long-haired French Angora rabbits will be here!
  • Pet and feed the Jerusalem donkeys – Mercy, Faith, Hope, Love, and Joy.  Maybe Justice and Liberty will be around too!!
  • They love the Apple Slingshot!
  • Feed some of our rare San Clemente Island goats!
  • Meet our two and four-horned Middle Eastern Jacob sheep!!
  • Our Australian chickens, American turkeys, and Indian peafowl are always looking for treats!
  • Get a glimpse of our beautiful Peruvian alpacas!
  • Did someone say fajitas?  Feed our American Milking Devon cattle!
  • Don’t forget to take a photo with our snake Kaa, a 6-foot South American Red Tail boa!
  • And don’t leave out Boris the Texas tarantula, Bamboot the Asian scorpion, or our Madagascar Hissing cockroaches!

*feed is available for purchase to feed the animalsIMG_1942-300x225

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody!

  • Smack your way to victory at Tetherball
  • Chuck bags for points in Corn Hole Toss
  • Ascend the Hay Bales to be king of the Pyramids
  • Roll a pumpkin, clobber the pins in Pumpkin Bowling
  • Gain new ground in a Tug-of-War
  • Sharpen your aim and maybe win a prize at the Apple* Slingshots
  • Take a break while the kids swing, slide, and climb at the playground
  • Bust a bouncy “bronc”at the Hippity-Hop Corral
  • Challenge a friend to a meeting of the minds at the giant Tic-Tac-Toe Boards
  • Ready for the Rodeo? Rope a few hay bale “steer”
  • Strike the ball at the Ping-Pong Tables.  Best 3 out of 5 wins the match
  • Volleyball anyone?
  • Release your inner artist on our huge outdoor Chalkboards
  • Jump in the Sack Race and head for the finish line

*apples for slingshot available for purchaseDSCF3652-300x225For more info call :


or visit :

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Halloween Fun


Hello SUPER  Moms and Dads!!!

Halloween is just a couple of days away and there are a couple of events I want to go ahead and share with you that will be going on in the Valley.

1.-Saturday Spooktacular at Target!!

Drop by a Target store near you on
10/29/16 at 10am–1pm for free
goodie bags* and other giveaways.
Kids encouraged to wear costumes.

All you Target moms this is the event for you. Get your kids dressed up, grab your Starbucks and hit up Target for some Halloween FUN!





Monday – Friday, October 24-28 (6-8pm) | Saturday & Sunday, October 29-30 (NOON-5pm) |

Halloween Night Only, October 31 (4-8pm)

Dress your little ones up and get a Great Halloween Photo, I sure did!


Free Crafts  Monday – Saturday | Halloween Costume Parade 3PM Sunday | Trick or Treating 3-5 Sunday ONLY


Halloween Night

  • Face Painting 4-7 PM
  • Mcsteven’s Hot Chocolate Samples 5-9PM (While supplies Last)
  • Decorate a Trick or Treat Bag 4-8PM
  • Costume Parade 6PM (Participants will receive a plush jack-o-latern)
  • Trick -OR -Treating 4-8PM


3.-Valle Vista Mall in Harlingen  

Will be having Mall Tick-OR-Treating October 31 from 5PM to 7PM 

4. Harlingen & San Benito Public Library

-Harlingen will be hosting a Dracula PJ Party Thursday October 27th at 5PM

Games|PJ & Halloween Costume Contest|Halloween Film|Stories & More =D

-San Benito Public Library will be having a Fall Festival Thursday October 27th from 5:30-7PM

Costume Contest(Toddler/Kids/Teens)|Prizes | Candy & Treats


5. Trunk OR Treat

-Sponsored by the Harlingen High School Student Council

Monday October 31st from 5:30-7PM at HHS West Parking Lot

Costume Contest|Face painting | Games| Trunk Decoration Contest

-San Benito Police Department

SBPD will be parking 4-5 police cars in various locations throughout the city

-City of San Benito Special Events Board

Monday October 31st from 6PM-8PM at Old Thomae Funeral Home

701 N Bowie St

Halloween Safety Tips

-Plan a route in a familiar area with well lit streets

- Choose bright colored costumes


-Parents check candy before having the children eat it



There are plenty of events to take your little ones to this year.

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Throwing a Pool Party as a Kid’s Birthday Party

Though it’s officially fall, many folks across the U.S. are still experiencing very warm temperatures. If your child’s birthday is coming up, a pool party is still in the cards and will be a fun and exciting way o celebrate for both the child and their friends. And if you don’t live in a warmer part of the country, not to worry. You can still have a great fall birthday pool party at one of your town’s local indoor pools. The best part is that pool parties can be thrown with a minimal budget with some careful planning.

Decorations, food, and beverages can all be bought on the cheap, but what about entertainment? Sure, the kids will probably entertain themselves for a while, but if you want your party to be a hit, activities are a must. Here are a few fun pool games to entertain your guests.



Diving for Coins

Diving for Pennies is a pool game that literally costs mere pennies. However, if you wanted to make the game a little more complex, you could throw different kinds of coins for the kids to find. Whichever child comes up with the biggest sum of money wins. Prizes for winning these games can be very simple. Head to your local dollar store and pick up small, inexpensive toys or candy for the winners of each game.

Finding the Invisible Bottle

Another fun, competitive, and cheap game to play with your guests is Find the Bottle. Take a large, clear plastic bottle, such as a leftover two-liter soda bottle, and fill it with water. Try to use a cap that blends into the pool floor well. Have all the swimmers line up on the edge of the pool with their backs turned to the water. Toss the bottle in and allow them the turn around and jump in. The water makes the bottle nearly invisible and tricky to find. Whoever finds the bottle first, wins.

Sharks and Minnows

This game is a version of tag. The person who is “it” is the shark. They are supposed to chase the minnows and tag them, turning that person into the shark. Minnows can jump out of the pool for up to five seconds at a time in order to avoid the shark. To give this game a winner, you can change the rules and have the minnows sit out until the last minnow standing wins.

Pool Noodle Crafts

Pool noodles are inexpensive toys that kids love. While they can certainly be thrown into the pool for kids to use as they please, pool noodles can also make great crafts. Cutting a noodle into sections then slicing each in half gives you the base to a sail boat. Add straws and foam sheets for sails, and your guests have made their own pool toys – and they had fun while doing it. Tape some noodles into circles and invest in some ping pong balls. Floating ring toss is suddenly yours to enjoy. There are innumerable possibilities.

Hosting a fun and memorable pool party for kids does not have to break the bank. Many pool games do not even require you to purchase anything at all and those that do can be bought for cheap. Utilize a nearby dollar store for prizes, fish your spare change out of your wallet, and head to a superstore for some pool noodles. For just a few dollars, you already have the essentials for a wonderful pool party. Time to send out those invites and gear up to play the role of the host with the most.

Image via Pixabay by platinumportfolio





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I guess I can say SUMMER VACATION is pretty much over!!!!!!! Some kids have already started classes, and teachers are back in the classroom.

Hopefully everyone had a great summer break either if it was traveling with the kids, or just simply staying home and relaxing.

My little one goes to daycare(school) everyday Monday thru Friday 7am-5pm yes I know he is there all day, but his momma and daddy need to work. I personally don’t think daycare is bad thing, a lot of them now have a lesson plan setup  every day for the kids.

Kevin is 2 and will be turning 3 years old in November !!

He already has down his ..

  • Number’s 1-10
  • Days of the week
  • ABC’s
  • Months of the year
  • Colors
  • Senses
  • Matching & Sorting

You name it he probably already knows it!

He basically is preschool ready which to me is an awesome thing.

He still has things he needs to improve on, but one more year in daycare and he will be good to go.

Singing songs that have movement  seem to help a lot.

He learned the months of the year by doing the famous Macarena dance !! Try it out with your kids

Reward Charts are going to be a  new thing with Kevin.


Stickers are the most coolest thing to him even if he just sticks them all over the place. Hopefully earning a sticker will encourage him to do the task  =) Let’s cross our fingers on this one !!!!!

Pinterest happens to be the best place to look for toddler learning styles & charts!

Let me know what you find.

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back-to-school 7

Hello my fellow mommies  I know it’s been a while since my last post. From looking for a new place and moving within a matter of two weeks has been so stressful no joke. One I never knew how much time it should really take to look for a place, being rushed to make a final decision isn’t great. Second I don’t know how in the world I had so much unneeded stuff in our apartment. If I could describe to you my reaction when I noticed everything easiest way to put it is the shocked emoji face. Either way we are finally moved and somewhat settled in to our new apartment.

So it’s already August almost the beginning of a new school year. Just thinking about it  makes me cringe more knowing my toddler will start Pre-K next year. He’s a late bloomer so sadly he will start late.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES  have become a major talk this month. Yes my sons daycare requires school supplies nothing to outrages. Thank God!!

Typical 2 year old stuff pack of glue, paper, crayons…etc. may I remind you they only ask for one pack. I have seen some crazy school supply lists asking for literally 3-5 packs of sanitizer. I’m sorry but why in the world would 1 CHILD need that many packs of sanitizer. Isn’t there at least 25 kids in each room, having each one bring that much is just insane. The way I see it mommies if you just buy the basic supplies for you child you know the 5 folders, 5 notebooks, a pack of crayons, and pencils you child should be fine for the year. I highly doubt they will remove your child from school for not taking in the 5 packs of sanitizer the teacher is asking for.

So don’t sweat about it.

The awesome thing I have noticed is the  generosity people are giving in to families that can’t afford to purchase a backpack or even school supplies.

So please SHARE with your friends and family this event!!!


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Toddler Preschool


 TODDLER PRESCHOOL is what I like to call it !! Just hearing the word preschool you know your little one is growing up too fast. This is a great thing to do if your a stay at home mom or you just want to start a new activity with your kids. I’ve been doing this for  a while with my child just to get him on a roll of wanting to learn. I absolutely love going to my local Dollar Tree to purchase activity sheets or children’s books. The workbooks I get my 2 year old are the ones for pre-k thru kinder they are simple cutting and pasting to match up objects or just dealing with the basic numbers and the alphabet. You can also look online and  find some great sample sheets you can print out for free.

For week one:

You can start off with one color, this color you will use all week with your lesson. At the same time you can incorporate different objects that go with this color. Just doing something simple like this for at least 20 minutes a day can help your little ones mind expand. They’re learning about a color, different objects that go with that color, and as well new words. Right now their minds are sponges so them hearing those new words will stick with them.

Once your little one gets use to the idea of doing this you can easily take to the next level and add more to the activity.

Of course their are different ways to teach not just with worksheets and books. Another thing my son loves to do are flash cards, again I buy these at my local Dollar Tree.


In the end its whatever your child feels more comfortable doing in the learning process all our kids are different .Some love to sit and have a lesson, others love flash cards, and there are ones that love to learn by using their tablets. I will admit my child sometimes does this, which to me is perfectly fine now and days everything  has to deal with technology.

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Toddler Activity

fruit shapes

Hi moms!!!!! Ok so today I decided to go ahead and  do a post on a nice activity for our toddlers! Around this time is when we start teaching our little ones about different types of shapes,colors,numbers…ect! At this point attention is key to get them to learn and at times its so hard when all they want to do is watch t.v. or run around the house.

Last week I went to ROSS to look around. When I say look around moms we all know what that means…..SHOPPPPPP! I love going and looking for great deals. Yes I’m a bargain hunter I will admit that. I like to go to the back of the store where all the pots and pans are and I happen to come across a POP CHEF!

A POP CHEF happens to be the cutest thing invented if your the type of person that likes to make things great for parties or gatherings. It comes with different shapes to cut different foods into those designs. I ended up purchasing it for $6 which I thought was a great price.

I decided go ahead and try it on fruit for my little one. Just how the packaging says Push,Pop,& Eat thats pretty much all you have to do. Its very easy to use.

Once I laid out the different shapes of watermelon my son happened to be more interested in how it was shaped. His focus went straight to the fruit and my attention.

I decided to just do one type of fruit so he could focus more on color.

I did this activity with him for about 20 minutes of course by then all the watermelon was gone. I would recommend ordering one not just for using it for snack time but for the kids parties or making lunch for them. At this age our kids think its the coolest thing when they see something different.


Order it off the website for

  $10 + S&H

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Part of the Gionastics competitive team display their skills for the April issue cover of our Tots-Tweens Magazine.

Part of the Gionastics competitive team display their skills for the April issue cover of our Tots-Tweens Magazine.

When walking into the pre-beginners class at Gionastics, observers are often in awe of the order and attention displayed by the participants, some of them as young as three-years old.  As a gym that practices safety first, parent volunteer Denise Friedman explains that they offer programs for all ages and ability levels. “We go from pre-beginners, which are toddlers, all the way up until teenagers, which are intermediate and advanced [students].”

A few of the competitive team participants lead the pre-beginners class in warm-ups.

A few of the competitive team participants lead the pre-beginners class in warm-ups.

With this year marking the gym’s 20th anniversary, Coach Giovanni “Gio” Gallardo has much to celebrate.  For the first time in Gionastics’ history, a female athlete, 12-year old Makayla Schaelchlin, has advanced to the regional competition that will be held in a few weeks in Little Rock, Arkansas.  “This is huge,” elaborated Friedman, “[because] we have only had a couple of state champions, but never all-around champions.  It takes a lot of work and dedication.”

Dedication is certainly something the competitive team is familiar with.  Among others, the team is currently comprised of Schaelchlin, a Level 7 competitor, Malorie Friedman, Madison Brock, and Tatiana Mercado, all Level 5 competitors.  When asked what their favorite part of gymnastics has been this year, they all excitedly joked, “Traveling to New York [for the Manhattan Classic] and throwing snowballs at Coach Gio!”

“I love Coach Gio,” remarked Mercado, “he’s an amazing coach and he is very strict.”

Competitive team members Tatiana Mercado, Madison Brock, Malorie Friedman and Makayla Schlaechlin lead the pre-beginners class in exercises.

Competitive team members Tatiana Mercado, Madison Brock, Malorie Friedman and Makayla Schlaechlin lead the pre-beginners class in exercises.

“I think we make a strong team [because] we all work together and we try our best,” shared Malorie Friedman, a Gionastics member since she was three-years old.

Gionastics offers a variety of courses.  Outside of gymnastics classes, they also teach power tumbling, which caters to cheerleaders and students interested in perfecting their cheer skills.  Summer camps include dance, indoor activities and gymnastics.  Saturdays are open gym from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., for a $6.00 charge.  Special prices are offered for cheer teams from BISD schools.

Friedman added, “He runs a very disciplined program.  The kids learn quickly.  We’ve got about ten up and coming gymnasts that are going to join our new team, and in the past three months we have seen tremendous growth.  Their parents are very satisfied with how the program is moving along.”

Classes and Coach Gio Gallardo sing, "Happy Birthday" to one of the participants.

Classes and Coach Gio Gallardo sing, “Happy Birthday” to one of the participants.

She continued, “One of the reasons I love the gym is that he has passion for what he does.  Money is tight here where we live, and he [basically] charges nothing to [give] the classes.”

“My goal is to eventually have a competitor at the collegiate level,” concluded Coach Gio.  He also has plans of one day passing the gym on to one of his daughters, Micaila Gallardo.  Looking around the gym, it is evident that he has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

For all interested parties, the first class is free.  For more information on Gionastics, please visit their website or their Facebook page.

The other side of the gym, where students practice on equipment while being supervised.

The other side of the gym, where students practice on equipment while being supervised.

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